Valentines Day Flowers

Valentines day single roseSt Valentine’s Day is that one special day of the year set aside to honour love of all kinds, especially romantic love. A Valentines Day flower delivery from Blooms Flowers, makes the perfect Valentine’s gift to express your romantic love to that one special person in your life.

History of St Valentine’s Day

Legend has it that Valentine flouted Emperor Claudius II by breaking the law and marrying countless couples in secret. Claudius II had banned all marriages because he thought unions of this sort were weakening his army. When the Emperor found out about Valentine’s actions, he had him beaten to death. Before his execution Valentine had befriended the daughter of his gaoler, to whom he left a farewell note, signing it from your Valentine. In 496 CE, Pope Gelasius set aside the 14th February as a day to honour St Valentine, and made him the patron saint of lovers. Ever since that date it has been tradition for lovers to exchange messages and gifts on St Valentines Day.

Valentines Day Flower Delivery

Valentines RosesCelebrate the day of true love and passion by booking Blooms Flowers to deliver quality St Valentine’s Day flower bouquets, and complementary Valentine Day gifts to your loved one’s door. We source our flowers from the finest flower growers around the globe, therefore you are always guaranteed a long lasting freshness of your Valentines Day flower delivery.

The flowers that we retail in our shops are of the same fresh cut, quality flowers that are used for flower delivery in London and throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Although our shops are based in London, we also offer a Valentines Day flower and gift delivery service in London, but throughout the entire UK. Please ensure you place your order by mid-day (GMT) 13th February. Order's cannot be cancelled or modified as we need at atleast 48 hours notice.

As all our flowers are delivered by hand, this will assure you that your St Valentine’s Day flower bouquet will make February 14th a memorable occasion for the romantic love in your life. You can arrange your Valentines Day flower delivery either online, or if you prefer, call us on 020 8874 5599, where one of our fully trained staff will be more than happy to discuss your St Valentine’s Day flower delivery needs with you. Make the language of St Valentine’s Day flowers express your romantic feelings of love, by giving a captivating Valentine Day flower bouquet from Blooms Flowers.